Nobody asked me about my background in fighting games. I went varsity in volleyball from grades 8 to 12. Just saying.

Let's Build in Minecraft - Ice Cube Part 5


King Gavin lets play confirmed for this friday

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allison argent or lydia martin

Dance dance fashion baby


get home appreciation, for olga


dan dancing and all the good stuff


If we can define this as art but no doubt Bastille’s The Silence is art.

Title: Glitch during 'Aura Rock'

Artist: Daft Punk

Album: Live @ Red Rock Festival, Luxembourg


Alive 2006/2007 Glitches, or Why Guy-Man Is Shouting Behind His Helmet (Part 2)

This is from a fan-made recording of the July 6th, 2007 show at Red Rock Festival in Luxembourg. It’s during Too Long/Steam Machine, at the synth-heavy part of the track fans usually refer to as “Aura Rock”. It appears that one note in a MIDI loop being controlled by Ableton or one of the Moog Synths gets “stuck” and has to be reset.

(You can view a brief clip of this moment here, though it cuts off during the middle of the glitch. When the note hangs, Thomas looks over at Guy, and then appears to focus on the computer screens in the middle of their setup.)


Pastel Punks

*dis my hella gay artwork 


That is the face of a man who told everyone